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A web based Enterprise Designer for Spectrum Technology Platform:

The intention of the Hack is to take the existing Enterprise Designer 1(a desktop application) to the cloud. With the Enterprise Designer running on the cloud, a user can create and save dataflows using any device (with a browser and internet connectivity) from any location around the world. The user can create and load the dataflows using one device and can perform the same task on the go using another device (like an iPhone). An app store is also built around this concept to enable users access the already created complex dataflows. This would help them in saving cost for carrying out Data Transformation as they’ll pay only for the features they use.

The Hack accesses Spectrum’s APIs through calls to the manager services. To visualize the dataflows it uses WireIt (the open source JavaScript API for the wirings, form containers etc.).


1Enterprise Designer is a Windows-based tool for creating Spectrum Technology2 
Platform jobs, services, subflows, and process flows. It utilizes an easy drag-and-drop 
interface to allow you to graphically create complex dataflows.

2Pitney Bowes Spectrum™ Technology Platform is a system that improves the completeness, validity, consistency, timeliness, and accuracy of data through data standardization, verification and enhancement.